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Jul 16, 2011 9:00pm PDT
murdoch takes on a new tone before he faces the british parliamentary on tuesday. >> british newspaper readers will up to an apology from rupert murdoch who published a letter that said we are sorry. we regret not acting faster to sort things out. i realize that simply apologizing is not enough. this is all about the phone hacking scandal part of the apology included on friday he met privately with the family of a teenager milly who was murdered in 2002 there were allegations that one of his newspapers hacked into her phone before was found out that she was murdered. also on friday, the editor of the wall street journal resigned as did rebecca m. brooks, the center of this allegation she resigned as the head of news international. on tuesday, rupert murdoch james murdoch and rebecca broke are expected to appear before a parliamentarian committee to look talk about the hacking which can only be described as a grilling. >> and world news tonight they became known around the world for their harrowing experiences of survival the 33 chilean miners that were trapped for months are now suing
Jul 9, 2011 9:00pm PDT
of the world what exactly is he trying to do, we took a closer look at the murdoch strategy. in >> a man not shy to speak his mind, yet to share his views of the closing of his beloved newspaper the news of the world. others are debating how this will fit into his media strategy in the phone hacking scandal and whether the decision was taken by him, or his son james the end and the apparent head of the british newspaper. p.r. guru max clifford himself and hacking victim says that killing off the news of the world will not kill off the scandal. >> is the allegations are true, then it is very damaging for news of the world. and of course news of the world is like the flag ship of news international so the cancer that is developing, or has been developing since we started in news of the world has now cost started to spread and the damage that it is doing so, kill it off and hope that you do not spread that kantor to news international and news corp. worldwide. >> the sides out of the headquarters of news international show the breadth of his newspaper empire in britain. the news of the wo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2